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I saw Disney/Pixar's Inside Out yesterday, and I did some thinking.

Tetsuya Nomura is NOT ALLOWED
I mean, IT IS ILLEGAL for him to
I mean, GOD will strike him down with a lightning bolt and send him STRAIGHT TO HELL
if he even DARES to THINK about putting Inside-Out in Kingdom Hearts III
withOUT (at least) one of the following things happening!

 - - - - - - - - - - - -

 :iconkh-soraplz: :bulletblack: Scenario 1: Nomura goes for the most predictable route *ugh* :icondisgustisbored: and just copies the movie, but with added characters and enemies that make both the original plot and this one superfluous to begin with. If that's the case, then...
 :bulletred: SPOILERS BELOW :bulletred:
That point in the movie where any sane KH fan said, "that's where the Unversed appear," they like, the billions. (Hint: "Every time an Island collapses") Also, Riley becomes a Nobody when in the movie, she...became a Nobody. Bonus points if she becomes or they try to make her Xehanort's 13th vessel!
 :bulletred: SPOILERS ABOVE :bulletred:

 - - - - - - - - - - - -

 :iconvanitaslaughplz: :bulletblack: Scenario 2: When Sora takes the console, he makes Riley a Keyblade Wielder while he's at the wheel so he/she can defeat foes in the physical world. :iconfearisafraidplz: (This is similar to my KH Ratatouille scenario, in which mouse-sized Sora/Ventus controls Linguini like Remy does, but a little more likely to be taken seriously.)
I say Sora, but only out of habit; anyone will do. This one in particular might be better off a Kairi mission.
Side note: for this scenario, I would make Riley have whatever Keyblade you earn for beating the level, but I don't have a preference as to whether she has that, a unique one nobody else gets, Kingdom Key (wielders' defaults) only, or whatever you have equipped.

 - - - - - - - - - - - -

 :iconkhterraplz: :bulletblack: Scenario 3: This is the :iconinsideoutangerplz: :iconsaysplz: "You'd better pay CLOSE ATTENTION, Nomura you _____ lazy ____face" one--in other words, the one that would really enhance the game the most/is Pretty Freakin' Clever/somewhat slightly likely to actually happen. This one runs on Tron logic--that is, how Tron was in KHII, Tron in appearance but KH in application (you know, since he was a "copy" and the system was purely for Ansem purposes).
Instead of going Inside-Out Riley, you go Inside-Out Xehanort. Yeah. Xehanort. Not (exclusively) Riley, not Sora, not Mickey "The Frick" Mouse. Xehanort. Young or Old, doesn't matter, but Old would be optimal in this instance--and within him, you find his 5 emotions are in perfect balance, feng shui, etc., you can explore deeper into his character/get killed by his Personality Islands, whatever--there's almost no way to screw this one up, provided, ya know... :iconsadnessdoesntcareplz: ...Nomura actually does it.
 :iconjoyishappyplz: Bonus points if this is where you find Terra!
Alternatively, you go Inside-Out Terra (as Terra-Xehanort/Terranort) where you have to find and defeat Xehanort's 5 emotions to make Terra a free man again! You canNOT tell me that plot doesn't work for everyone.

 - - - - - - - - - - - -

 :iconrikuplz: :bulletblack: Scenario 4: At the very, very least... :iconsadnessdoesntcareplz: ...tie Inside-Out in with the previously-established Dream Drop paradigm--you know, like this is one world you have to Dive to get to or something.
On a side note, even though KHIII is going to main Heartless in the worlds, one does not simply put Heartless in the Inside-Out world and call it a day. It specifically says in the recipe you need Unversed (for rogue emotions) or Dream Eaters (for adventures in the mind, esp. while asleep) for this one.
On a side side note, I would be totally okay with (but not bust his balls to say) that in KH the 5 emotions are to Unversed what Spirits are to Nightmares. Think about it.

 - - - - - - - - - - - -

(Sort of) :bulletblack: Scenario 5: This isn't a complete thought, but in the spirit of not copy-pasting the Disney movies into KH levels, but instead doing something clever or unusual with the characters and settings, I would have Nomura or any KH writer to consider Riley a few years down the line, and/or her as a Heartless/Nobody (or even Unversed!) as a boss, maybe akin to Pete, role-wise.

 - - - - - - - - - - - -

Okay, I said my piece.
Oh, and when I say "Kingdom Hearts III" in this case, I mean any core entry in the series, really.

Also, in regards to The Good Dinosaur...
Pixar: "The president of Nintendo is dead!"
Disney: "Quick! Unveil your new movie about Yoshi's origin story! We don't even have to give them credit for the design now!"
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